Advertising photography

Advertising photography is called a branch of photography Who seeks to make a photo for use in various advertising medias With the aim of influencing and encouraging a specific customer to buy a specific product or service.because the Advertising photographer work with materials he have to make the most effort and creativity to create live pictures.Having a strong idea, accurate and creative lighting, composition and recognition of colors and Most importantly, recognizing the target audience and its morale is considered to be the most important tool for the photographer.

Panoramic photography is a technique by pasting and merging photos taken from a specific place or perspective It creates a wide-angle view. having idea and finding best spot for planting the camera and also finding the best angle and composition, proper lighting, mastering editing and merging photos perfectly and Correcting perspective errors are the skills required for this type of photography. Such photos are very appealing and functional to introduce the business space

Architectural photography is referred to as the photography of interior and exterior buildings In order to show its capabilities and beauties to the viewer. This kind of photography very important for customer attention to commercial space to encourage him to come and buy and use the services. Architectural photography should look for angles To show the attractiveness of the location as much as possible and Turn it into a specific place in the customer's eyes.